The Dragon, the Eagle, and the Disappearance of Flight MH370

What really happened to missing flight MH 370?

In the six and a half years since the disappearance of Malaysia Airline
Flight 370, one of the biggest aviation mysteries, the world is still
looking for answers. Here's how I got started looking for the missing
plane and its passengers…

The Search Begins

Michael LaVasani is in Malaysia when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 en route to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, goes missing.  Without explanation, military radar shows a turn from its course until it is completely out of range and disappears into thin air. Michael LaVasani, a veteran pilot who once worked as an Airline Safety and Aviation Management Director with the National Transportation Safety Board decides to join the ocean search for the missing plane and its passengers.

What Really
Happened ?

As the evidence reveals what appears to be a nefarious cover-up, Michael realizes his sources, including other investigative airline pilots, refuse to go on the record for fear of reprisal. The reason? All signs point to China as the cause of this aviation disaster. Michael forms his own investigation unit which takes him among many places, to the missing MH 370 pilot’s home where Michael notices a simulator. Typically, multi-million dollar simulators are installed in airline training centers. From the very beginning, Michael knows something is not right. 

What Michael Discovers

He obtains sensitive information, to tell the truth about MH 370’s disappearance and nearly gets himself killed. Using insider knowledge and interviews with locals, Pilot, and Disaster Investigator Michael LaVasani creates a plausible theory, the likely explanation behind the disappearance of the flight. He chooses to fictionalize what he knows for his safety and to allow readers to examine the evidence and decide for themselves. The conspiracy implicating Chinese and American intelligence is the stuff of any great mystery. Is it true? Time will reveal the truth behind MH 370’s disappearance and the tragedy of lives lost to what may be a political cover-up.

A word from author

An interview with Michael Lavasani about his research