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About Michael La Vasani

A commercial pilot for one of the largest airlines in the world, Michael LaVasani is an aviation investigator with deep knowledge of aircraft inflight incidents and a flight instructor for forty-four years.  

He grew up in a monastery at the hills of the Himalayas in Tibet and years later, he piloted the Shah of Iran from Tehran in 1979 when he escaped to safety after Ayatollah Khomeini took control of Iran. The sudden disappearance of flight MH 370 took him back to the days of 1979 where he was sitting in a hotel room in Morocco with the Shah’s plane parked not far. There were many American, British, French and so many other dignitaries hovering around acting so interested in helping the Shah while financing The Khomeini’s illegitimate government. 

He decides to join the ocean search for the missing plane and its passengers and discovers from the evidence what appears to be a nefarious cover-up. He forms his own investigation unit and as his findings puzzle him more and more, Michael knows something is not right.

Michael’s newly released novel, The Dragon, The Eagle and Disappearance of MH370, is a fictionalized account of what really happened to flight MH 370 and one of the world’s biggest unsolved aviation mysteries.