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Q & A with author

So, how did you “research” your book and how did the “research” inform the characters and plot ?

I was in Malaysia when the disappearance of flight MH370 happened. I left five days after the incident and returned to Malaysia while the rescue team was still in process. I have some friends both within Malaysian airlines and the Malaysian Royal Air Force. They were confused and struggled to find answers to many questions. They were all at loss with no one offering any help. I found out they were threatened with physical and psychological retribution. I also learned that one of the Malaysian Airlines dispatcher who happened to be a flight operations professional officer went missing. His body was only identified through DNA in the following weeks after MH370 disappearance.

. So it sounds like nothing was really “right” with the research. Correct?

I used to work with NTSB as an Airline Safety and Aviation Management Director. There was nothing right about the search and rescue operation or the news. The Malaysian Airlines officials were aggressive and non-complying toward the victims’ families who were looking for answers. The Airlines used Chinese Private Security Personnel to barricade people from entering the Malaysian Airlines Headquarter Building in Penang. It is quite unusual to use force or arrest grieving families of a fatal air crash.  The brother of one of the missing passengers was severely beaten. I interviewed him in June 2014. He told me he was tortured by some Chinese thugs who seemed to have a strong influence within the Penang Police Department. The airline passenger manifest was tarnished. I got hold of the passenger manifests on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. There were seven names missing and twelve repeated last names.   I formed my own investigation unit. I spent a lot of money collecting the information you read in the book as a fictional story. But, actually, everything is based on hard facts I collected while I was in Malaysia. I spent almost five months there.

Wow! Despite the deep loss and tragedy, this is absolutely scary and I commend you for all your hard work. For those people who don’t have access to all this information that you discovered, do you feel the reader will “buy” into your theory?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was a bird of prey. The Chinese master plan in the way they hijacked the planewithout a trace was quite an accomplishment. However, the fact that they kidnapped theAmerican scientists without repercussion and the fact that none of the United StatesGovernment Agencies ever acknowledged this incident was quite astonishing.  I was not able to get the US government to confirm or deny the facts. The American scientists’ names on  flight MH370 manifests were wiped out.  

What kind of reaction do you want readers to have after reading your novel?

My biggest regret about the book is that I presented the book as fiction. Actually, a Malaysian Secret Officer who is a good friend of mine somehow scared me away from not presenting the book as a true documentary rather fiction. I want my readers to know this.

Would they understand this conspiracy theory in a different way?

You said it yourself. Readers have thoughts, feelings. I honestly believe this is the beginning of a new era of espionage and stealing valuable data and scientific researches from America.

What were some of the biggest challenges and how did you deal with them?

Understanding the real story behind MH 370 was scary. I almost got myself killed while I was in Cambodia. I needed to hold a lot of sensitive information. I did not want to be the target of the Chinese Secret Police.

Were there any a-ha moments along the way?

Of course. The best one was when I saw the simulator in the missing MH 370 pilot’s house. No pilot ever spends a couple of million dollars for a simulator in his house. Airline pilots normally are trained with the airline training centers where multi-million dollar simulators are installed.

Wow. Now, I’m not a pilot or an investigator, but if the world knew about this piece of evidence, how do you think this would impact their understanding about what happened to the plane’s disappearance?

I have been in aviation for forty-four years. It took over two years just to uncover the truth. I cannot envisage the possibilities of any future events that normal educated people would simply understand or guesstimate the depth of devilish plans as MH370’s disappearance. Please understand China is one of the very few countries in the world using Community Intelligence Data Gathering. (It’s much more complicated than American NSA or MI6).

One might say that your novel is a conspiracy theory book about one of the world’s biggest unsolved aviation mysteries. Did you know that going into the writing project?

Not initially. I was only looking for what happened. My findings really puzzled me. Regardless, there are always people who would cry wolf.I do not of a single pilot who owns a million-dollar simulator in his house. The MH370 pilot lived in a Chinese community where no Malaysians also known as “Bumiputera”  were allowed. His house was valued over $5,000.000. His yearly salary was $133,000.  

What is your primary theory on MH 370’s disappearance? The most likely explanation? What can we and the aviation industry learn about these global events?

There is no theory. I have clearly written about what happened. The aviation industry has nothing to say except that the cover-up was a Chinese master political scam. To the best of my knowledge, the industry is not aware of reasons behind the disappearance of MH370, and those who might have any knowledge are not aviation experts rather government’s bureaucrats.

What other questions or thoughts do you still have about this aviation disaster?

The fact that the world kept silent while the Communist Chinese Government staged the disappearance of flight MH 370.

If the public at large doesn’t have the knowledge like you do to formulate an opinion as to what most likely happened, what would be their options?

You know the answer. Research, Study, Read and Analyze. The world has
changed. Surfing the net would not reveal the truth. It adds to the confusion.
One must be an independent thinker, not a follower.

Finally, any new writing projects in the works?

Yes. I am actually writing a book titled The Lost God. This book brings out the question of how different religious groups are monopolizing the people under the name of the GOD. Did you know there are over 13000 different religions with approximately 7300 different GODS?

I am also re-writing my previously published book: Shiniwa: The Story of a Reclaimed Life which is about my childhood growing in the hills ofthe Himalayas in a forgotten land.